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about the game.

pixelBOT EXTREME! combines challenging platforming parts with fast-paced side-scrolling shooting. While you run, fly and slide during the levels, you shoot up to four colored rockets (four colored XBOX controller buttons) to destroy all obstacles and enemies in your way.
With combining all actions you guide pixelBOT through a bunch of intense levels – facing the villain ultraBOT – to finally break out of the Forbidden Factory.
The 16-bit multitasking side-scroller is aimed for genre lovers, indie gamers and casuals that are up for being challenged. It was released on April 20, 2018 on


game title.



PC (Steam)


product owner


coder (Unity C#)


4+ years

my work.

  • designed and developed the whole game from vision to release incl. gameplay, levels, content, enemies, boss, game flow and systems

  • designed, created and balanced 14 levels and 11 EXTREME! levels

  • implemented gameplay and built the whole game and levels in Unity (C#)

  • promoted the game on social media channels and exhibited at Indie events

  • released the game on Steam

level design.

pixelBOT's world is split into three areas: the lab, the cave and the sewer - including 25 handcrafted, multi-dimensional levels: 11 normal levels, 3 randomly-generated boss levels and 11 EXTREME! levels (hardcore version of the normal levels).

Every level introduces something new - a new mechanic, gameplay element or enemy.


Overview of the 11 normal levels (excerpts) (click to enlarge):

levels part 1

levels part 1

levels part 2

levels part 2

level design techniques.

If I begin designing a level, every gets a specific focus. The focus can be a theme, a name, a certain structure or a gameplay element.

And since I'm a big fan of Nintendo, I like to follow a simple rule called "Kishotenketsu" - often used in Nintendo's level-based game.

Kishotenketsu stands for a storytelling structure that is split into the following phases:

Introduction - Development - Twist - Conclusion.

An example for how to use this technique:

pixelBOT's level 1-2 introduces the red rocket - you can shoot for the first time in the game.

  1. Introduction: First part lets you shoot some red colored flyBOTs without any pressure.

  2. Development: flyBOTs are combined with mineBOTs (indestructable) and moving platforms

  3. Twist: Green flyBOTs appear together with red ones even if you can't shoot green yet

  4. Conclusion: Last big combination red flyBOTs and other content

Level 1-2: from concept to playable:

level 1-2 part 1
level 1-2 part 2

more level samples.

level 1-1 part 1
level 1-1 part 2

level 1-1: from concept to playable

level 2-5: from concept to playable

for more work samples feel free to CONTACT ME.

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