about play.HEART.

My name is Rico - I'm the founder, designer and Unity developer of play.HEART Game Design & Development and play.HEART games.

play.HEART "beats" and stands for handcrafted games made
with heart's blood + love + passion

As a passionate gamer and game maker I could gain about six years of professional experience in the games industry, incl. over three years as the lead game and level designer on WOOGA'S top grossing mobile hit JELLY SPLASH.

In April 2018 I've released my first self-developed game pixelBOT EXTREME! - the EXTREME! multitasking run and gun with a colorful twist!

Currently I’m freelancing in all areas of game and level design, content production and game development.
I’m also teaching game design, level design and story at Design school Leipzig and am one of the founders of GameDev Leipzig – a local game developer community.

Last but not least I'm playing games since I was born – gaming everything from Indie and AAA across console, handheld, PC and mobile – and I work hard on staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

As a GAME MAKER I love designing the whole game incl. vision, gameplay, world and levels, progression, story, UX, content and realizing ideas and prototypes on paper and in Unity.

As a HUMAN BEING I love my heavenly girlfriend, my exceptional family, our heart-touching kitties, hanging out with my friends, rock music, concerts, game jamming, movies, sports, archery, fishing, billiards, bowling, dinosaurs, monsters and any kind of creatures.

And as a GAMER I really love indie games, platformers, Action-Adventures, RPGs, Nintendo, Square Enix, Zelda and Pokémon - so last but not least check out some of my favorite games below.